Rating System for TCC Rides


Along with the date, time, and start location all ride announcements should include the following information.


Pace: Average speed expected for the ride. Each range has an associated color for easy reference.







Speed Range

≤ 10 mph

11-13 mph

14-16 mph

15-17 mph

18+ mph


Ride Style:

Social - Ride together with frequent stops.

Regroup - Faster riders may ride ahead but will regroup at stops. The ride leader will wait at predetermined rest stops or stop to regroup as needed.

All Out - Individual riders may decide to stop as needed, but riders may get dropped if they cannot maintain the pace. All riders should be familiar with the route.


Distance: Length of ride in miles. If exact route is unknown, an approximation may be used.


Route: Name of specific route, preferably with link to map. If exact route is unknown ride may be listed as “TBD”.


Elevation: The total amount of climbing in feet and the grade percentage of the largest hill (if known).

Example Ride Announcement:

When: Saturday, August 1, 7:00 AM

Start: Texoma Bicycle Works (5629 Texoma Pkwy, Sherman TX)

Pace: Red (15-17 mph)

Ride Style: Regroup

Distance: 62.1 mi

Route: TBW - Collinsville 100k http://ridewithgps.com/routes/2720717

Elevation: +1449 ft of climbing, max grade 2.7 %




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