At the 2017 Christmas Party, we elected new club officers.

I'm proud to announce the following:

Newly Elected Officers for 2018:

President - Mike Boyd
Vice President - Charlie Jenkins
Secretary -  Linda Welch
Treasurer - Mel Wittmaack
Membership Coordinator - Denna Ditto 
Ride Coordinator - Jody LaFoy 
Special Events - Pat  Jenkins


PRESIDENT > The president shall have the power to call Club meetings or Board meetings at any time. A quorum of three (3) board members must be achieved for board meetings. There must be sufficient notice given for all meetings except emergency meetings where time is critical and sufficient notice is not an option. The president shall conduct all business with all organization unless a position has been created and filled, or a volunteer has been apointed to conduct such business. The president shall conduct the day to day business of the Club not covered by other officers or positions. The president shall conduct the business of the vice president and/or the treasurer, should one or both resign, until a new club member has filled the position. The president shall have the power to interpret and enforce the articles of the constitution and bylaws. 

VICE-PRESIDENT > The vice president shall have the power to and will conduct the business of the president upon the absence or resignation of the president until the president returns or a new president is elected. the vice president will assist the president with all president duties & tasks.

SECRETARY > The secretary shall maintain a current copy of the Club constitution and bylaws; minutes of Club meetings; copies of all correspondence or records directed by any member of the board of directors to be a part of the official Club record. The secretary shall have the power to and will conduct business of the Club in the absence or resignation of the president and vice-president should the same occur simultaneously until a either president or vice-president returns or replacements are elected

TREASURER > Prepare and keep all Club financial records and transactions, will give a financial report at each meeting, will prepare an annual financial report, and will prepare and file any documents necessary to maintain the Club’s status. The Treasurer's records may be audited at any time deemed necessary by the Board. The Treasurer may make expenditures of Club funds for regular and necessary expenses of the Club by reimbursing Club members for funds expended by the member on behalf of the Club or by paying vendors of goods, services or facilities. All such expenditures by the Club shall be supported by paid receipts, cancelled checks, invoices, or other written evidence of the expenditure as approved by the Treasurer. All other expenditures of the Club funds shall be as approved by the Board. A co-treasurer will be filled by one or more board member as a back-up if/when the treasurer is absent or otherwise unable to perform the treasurer duties.

MEMBERSHIP Coordinator > Collect and process all membership applications, transmit all dues to the Treasurer, maintain a current membership directory, maintain membership liability waivers and provide a mailing list solely for use by the Club. The Membership Coordinator will maintain a membership database and administer the mailing list server.

RIDE Coordinator > Be responsible for publishing the current ride schedule, coordinate special club rides, develop and maintain TCC Ride Program related practices, procedures and policies, coordinate and maintain the ride calendar, ensure TCC maintains a well-rounded Ride Program, with rides & routes appropriate for ALL level riders, monitor group rides to ensure advertised distances & targets are maintained, ensure qualified ride leaders are present on all TCC rides.

EVENTS Coordinator > Oversee and coordinate any special event, including but not limited to Spring picnic, Christmas party, any other event the club initiates or coordinates.

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